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CraneSmart strives to meet any crane safety challenge put forth by their customers. Their systems are designed to work in all environmental extremes.

Systems Lineup


The Cranesmart Load Moment Indication (LMI) system (Rated Capacity Indication system) displays the crane position, capacity and crane load indication on each hook at all times during operation. The system gives both audible and visual warning in overload or 2-block conditions. Engineered lockouts are available for most cranes.

Load System

Crane load indication can be achieved through Load Cells, Lineriders and Load Pins. Simple in design, accurate, and easy to install, this is the foundation of lifting with safety and job-site efficiency in mind.

A2B System

Boom Angle

Pipelayer LMI System

Powerline Proximity

Winchsmart System


Payout System

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